About us
Here it's all about email marketing.

About us:

Well done B2B Email Marketing

Bancomail is the Neosoft unit born in 2002 to provide the most accurate and up to date corporate registries database in the support of other companies B2B marketing activity.

We're helping businesses since 2002 - from small and medium size companies to large organizations - to reach their customers by providing targeted lists for email marketing. Providing products with high quality standards has always been the goal that guides our strategy, procedure or services.

Besides having over 7.000 customers , we work closely with more than 500 companies in the business that resell or integrate our databases into their email marketing services.

Bases Empresas for agencies:

Offer targeted database with your brand on

Bancomail provides advanced and easy to use tools that allows you to resell our database at a convenient price.

You can provide to your customers profiled databases through your traditional channels or by connecting your site or tools like sending platforms to the Bancomail database. The plugin for Wordpress is the fastest way to start selling, but if you want to make it big, you can choose the flexibility of the Web Service.